Ministry of the Economy, Energy and Resources, Petroleum and Natural Gas Division (ECON-ER-PETDEV) Spill Response Regulations:  Section 2.2 Local Spill Response Units

Operators are required to maintain a membership with an Area Spill Response Unit or Western Canada Spill Services Ltd. And participate in annual spill training exercise(s).  Operators who are members in good standing of Area II Spill Response Unit are required only to provide the name(s) and phone number(s) of their emergency contact personnel.  If an operator fails to meet and maintain a membership, the operator shall immediately register a detailed spill contingency plan as outlined below and make available all necessary equipment and resources to deal with any emergency situation.

All other operators shall register a copy of a detailed spill contingency plan with ECON-ER-PETDEV.  In addition, they shall make available all necessary equipment and resources required to deal with emergency situations.  Regulatory Contacts List page 32.

The detailed spill contingency plan shall include:

A list of emergency contact personnel and their phone numbers (must include company representative phone number who is available 24 hours a day for emergency).

Details on the spill assessment process,

Details on procedures for containment and recovery of the spilled products,

List of all sites operated by the company and may impact public safety or may be located in a sensitive environment, and a detailed description of an emergency contingency plan for these sites,

A list of contractors who will provide the recovery and clean up services,

A list of equipment available to be used for containment and recovery, together with spilled product recovery procedures and

A spill notification and public and media communication process.

Copies of Western Canada Spill Services Oil Spill Contingency Manual is available.