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Area II Administrator Number (306) 460-8340

November 2, 2011 Spill Exercise

Agenda & Spill Exercise

Oil Spill Co-Operative: Area II
Exercise Date: Wednesday November 2, 2011
Type of Exercise: On Standing Water
Location of Exercise: Conoco Phillips Injection Well 5-27-27-27 W3
Host Company: Conoco Phillips
Attendance: 51 people
Companies: 28 companies in Attendance

1. Lunch
2. Welcome
3. Introductions of steering committee members and exercise host (Conoco Phillips, thank you)
a.i. Chairperson – Daniel Deiana – Penn West Exploration
a.ii. Vice Chairperson – Dave Smith – Northern Blizzard
a.iii. Administrator – Jennifer Miller
a.iv. Accountant – Barry Knight – Agro Production Accounting
a.v. Cody Kohlman – Enbridge
a.vi. Bruce Ryberg – Northern Blizzard
a.vii. Les Cook – Conoco Phillips
a.viii. Kevin Mackrell – Conoco Phillips
a.ix. Kenda Friesen – Penn West Exploration
a.x. Sara Wilke – Penn West Exploration

4. Orientation & general rules {ConocoPhillips & Area II committee}
a. Review Pre-Job Hazard Assessment
b. Include organizational structure for responding to spills in surface water
c. Equipment deployment in to the surface water

5. Review exercise objectives
a. Participants are provided with the information and hands on experience that will enable them to effectively contain and recover an oil spill within surface body of water.
b. Supply hands-on Training for water emergencies.
c. Evaluate on water deployment methods by setting up a scenario
d. Evaluate Safety Procedures
e. Evaluate response capabilities
f. Evaluate communications
g. Evaluate Control Point
h. Provide training on preparedness

6. Exercise
a. Explain equipment and how it is used
b. Demonstration on use of equipment
c. Scenario:    Simulated oil spill on water using peat moss.
d. Captains and teams volunteer.  All other participants observe.
e. On Scene Commander is to be selected from attendees.  All other participants observe.
f. Teams:
f.i. On Scene Commander –
f.ii. Portable Tank Captain –
f.iii. Skimmer Captain –
f.iv. Boom Captain –
f.v. Drum Skimmer Captain –
f.vi. Pump Captain –
f.vii. Custodian –
f.viii.    Media Contact –

7. Debriefings
a. What contingencies worked well for targeted exercise objectives?
b. What Challenges /opportunities identified?


1. Daniel Dieana calls meeting to order at 12:45.
2. Kevin Mackrell reviews hazard assessment with everyone in attendance.
3. Daniel thanked Dean Schlosser for all his hard work at getting the trailer ready for the spill exercise.
4. A question was asked :    
a.i. How many times has the trailer been used?  Les Cook answered, for as long as he has been on the board it has been used twice.
5. Daniel reviewed the exercise objectives: Participants are provided with the information and hands on experience that will enable them to effectively contain and recover an oil spill within surface body of water.
a. Supply hands-on Training for water emergencies.
b. Evaluate on water deployment methods by setting up a scenario
c. Evaluate Safety Procedures
d. Evaluate response capabilities
e. Evaluate communications
f. Evaluate Control Point
g. Provide training on preparedness

6. The committee and members deployed to site at 1:15 pm.
7. Put on Personal Protective Equipment
8. The Area II directors pulled out equipment from the trailer, while the pieces of equipment are being pulled out of the trailer Daniel and other committee members are explaining each pieces of equipment.
9. Discussion topics
a. The possibility of having a microblaze presentation at the Annual General Meeting.
b. Using Penn West’s Air Boat – Any member can use it long with the trailer.

10. Put equipment back at 2:15 pm
11. Headed back to the Marengo Hall for debriefing:
a. Deficiencies List for the trailer
a.i. Contingency Manual
a.ii. Different color arm bands so we know who is in each group.
a.iii. Harness
a.iv. 3” female to 2” male camlocks





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